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Please take some time to go through some of the Frequently Asked Questions to get to know us better:

E-liko is a merchandising service company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Under its parent company Hatchi and Hatchi (PTY) Limited E-liko offices are situated at 74 Dagbreek Road, Grootvaly, Largo, Springs. Hatchi and Hatchi is also present in Zambia with a registered office in Kitwe.

 E-liko on its own does not have an office but is present in Zambia through its parent company Hatchi and Hatchi

E-liko has specific ways in which it operates such as using one official company bank account in the name of the parent company and not personal accounts or using our secure online payment options. E-liko also has legal representation through Equitas Legal Practioners in Lusaka that are available for any confirmations and also available to facilitate transactions between us and the client in the event that you as a client wants to take extra precautions.

It should take 7 days at most for you to receive your goods after they have been loaded.

Yes and No. An estimate is given of duty and transport depending on the transaction. However, for our online transactions the shipping costs indicated do not include any duties and taxes. Please also note that if the client wishes that we outsource the transportation to companies such as Shalom, Juldan, etc. the charges are almost always negotiable.

Please let us know within 3 days and we will take responsibility for the returning of the correct goods to you

Our charges are dependent on the consignment i.e. weight, volume etc as well as how much assistance you’d like us to render. We therefore do not have a fixed charge but it is always minimal in consideration of the work we have to do

 Proof of our existence can be verified through our bankers and our lawyers. We will always keep you posted on the progress of your transaction with visuals as well as text messages and tracking.

Payment is upfront once all has been confirmed or through our secure online payment options. Please note payment is made in only one designated bank account and we encourage our customers to verify with us before they make the payment.

Yes. Apart from our lawyers and bankers you can contact Ms Choolwe Hamakuni on +260 77 707 6750 and Mr Eleutherious Syamutondo on +260 95 018 5333.

Yes. In the case where a client accepts to use Shalom, Juldan, etc we do not charge any insurance.